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March 24th, this is a day when I receive a definite message from Heaven, informing me, Heavenly commoner realm border region "universe" space army will begin the attacks, soon, completely or almost completely destroying humans existing in the nation of France, and a few other regions, or "nations," as well. When this happens, all the world will change, and change for the better. Do not hesitate to completely destroy all remaining dead bodies and buildings, for the very design of most structures there is a sin, in itself, completely wishing to deprive humans of a sacred right to "live" larger than a great "memory of used wonder." Space army is a troop consisting of USA ranking individuals, from Heaven, having a mission to start this spatial war, from another dimension, in order to make sure wonder will return.

This cannot be understood, as only a "joke," or a mystery, it is an event already happening, Earth, when Heavenly enemy France is destroyed, will change to accommodate a new need, for the next new age.


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If a child's dream is to fantasize a birth, in the realm, of here romance, what is the code for us? Why are you waiting still, for no one to come, and deliver you, or me, or someone else? Please leave a message, if you fully believe, by ways of intuition, that you are the chosen one. When I read, reading your lines, I know your heart, your mind, as well. When you are about to leave the stage, for a dance with me, inside a celestial sphere, where no one watches, we will enjoy this empty space, for only our pleasure.

When a night is dark, or darker enough for you to close your eyes and see me, or another chosen one, you can begin to fully believe, that the day has finally come, and you are looking at the right page, for you, only, "almost." Why still waiting? There is a secret, which is unspeakable, which is about a war, in Heaven, and in Hell, which course of actions you do not know, yet, until you read my book. One which is the code, for all chosen dear to know the mission, for this life.

Forever, and ever, your heart will never be lonely, or feeling a need to feel like an alone individual, without help, without one to take a look at your face, and tell you, how wonderful you have been, and still will be, in the near future. Why waiting? There is another secret, which is directly about you, and not me: you are here because of an evil in Heaven, and in Hell, who wishes to destruct the very value of you. Evil will not continue to live, for too long, since you are lonely, so lonely, there is no one to know you face, how about meeting?

Moon's silver glory will whisper in your ears: there is no fear, for you to come close.

If you are too afraid of "things not discussed" in books, or media, please forget them, for a long time, or just a short while, so that your heart can open naturally to wonders. Wonders, when you behold them, will transform into a bridge, for you, to get to the other side, where true mysteries exist, existing for you, me, and someone else, who is not yet, on Earth.

Whenever souls wish to cry, they do not: an emotion is only a ladder, to another world, to fantasize another dream. When you are alone, and when you are lonely, and when you are not too afraid of me, or someone else, who always watches you, in Heaven, please be so courageous as to leave a comment, or send me a personal message, for us to know, what will be our natural next-step.


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your work it's very interesting and original! :D
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