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Whorish concepts, such as those on newspaper and TV, like "Why do men meet women having to pay?" or "How was your one night stand rating?" even "Did anyone fail to pay respect to this or that deity, without anything in return?" I hate these stupid things, yet having only a little bit of intuition about exactly what these are - probably men and/or women are both very inferior beings who are allowed to become humans only when being enslaved by social environment or something. A little bit about "belief" - Hoping to achieve greatness in art, or probably earning a ton of money for a life of pleasurable experiences? I did not pay attention to these things like moronic beings who discussed such things in media, yet these things indeed were rather important in some way - However, what is probably more or less even more important, is "dream," the sort of experience which probably is the only "evidence" of the existence of "otherworldly forces," even Godly ones.

Paying attention to dreams, I constantly know there are visions, voices, and something rather mysterious, like eyes looking directly at you in darkness. These things are the "proofs" of what? - Materialistic culture constructs, or atomic beings? No, I hope people here probably also like things on a more or less "spiritual level," - art is all about what one "feels right," right? Instead of "what was the politically correct things to do when I feel like private."

The thing about the ultimate meaning Existence is: I "love" thee, I "love" to have sex with "someone" who is true and genuine, I "love" to create poetry or arts - these are the "real deals" for almost all on Earth - instead of purely liking the things you could buy in grocery stores, or even paying a large amount of useless money to someone's so called "virgin" daughter and marry, a form of "legalized" prostitution in itself. Love, in a word, probably also allows for the creation of almost every thing, even those theories proposed as those "truths" by scientists even like Einstein himself, or even someone who "wrote" that materialistic things were all that had ever had been like the Communist godfather Marx.

Whenever one closes eyes, one could even "smell" a different "wave" of fragrance from somewhere else besides the immediate environment - when one "chooses" to become one with the power to judge and decide important things, one frequently would become one with even nighttime angels - this is the vision I had, also the ones people like Ayn Rand and psychologist Carl Jung used to have, who probably were almost like the "perfect" examples of "What was truly great about God or simply the Existence itself? - Striving toward a space where only the purest and highest quality of beings could achieve and even survive."
Lovely stupid things, such as poetry, like the things around you or us, fellow deviantartists, can anyone relate to you on a "more or less" personal level, in terms of dreaming experiences you have?

How did the Heaven create dreams? I hope to discover answers within somebody's daughter or son's dreams, so as for all to discover, a little bit more about the greatness of "dreaming experience" itself, also "Why we are here?" even "What is the ultimate meaning of Existence itself?"
Meet Ourselves in Heavenly Sphere

Know it or not we shall become one
In some place where only now is open

Please be afraid not what's to become
For all losses we gain a new "life" in paradise
Or shall we call "Your Own Heavenly Sphere?"
So fast you come into my world without "Hi!"

Timely meeting itself is something to behold
For for all eternity we shall be here only
And only without others with only ourselves
Yes to the last day on Earth will no one enters

Do we possess yet another "eye" in dark?
Love shall be the point we achieve no loss
This life without "Heavenly Flowering Gains"
Almost everything you have is a fake game

Over the brightened bridge in Heavenly realm
There is a person to whom you open deepest
Secrets to through whom also you start "life"
Inside the world where you get an eternal soul

Hellish beings no more my dear in darkness
Lonesome hours become splendid also full
With gifts from Heaven, and a prized necklace
Wearing it to show that which you prize most

Become one with My Presence in darkness
Now, and await an opportunity in the true realm
Of true great things, love, and eternal light
Hoarder, Yet Being You Is Difficult, Isn't It?

At the very heart of the century, was two wars,
Defining all of your desirable contacts on Earth
With the essential game played out by yourself
Once in a while, inside some "location," memory
Faded into a sort of gamer's nightmarish game
Or for the next generation of lovers of thoughts,
The deals for each of us differs only in forms, not
Entirely so in natures or memories themselves.
Lunar essence was exactly what one wishes, yes?
A Flower's Desire to Become "Pop Star"

Greatly desirable subjects, such as thine love, for
A greatest reason - to become desirable again,
For thee, thine smiles remind all of us the simplest
Truth, which is or even are these: lonesome genius
Somewhere inside your mind space, loves to go
Away for fun, or love, or the best animal sex fun, or
Somewhere yet still, inside another "dark area,"
Was and or still is your own lovable or silly self, mind
The game, the lonesome one, without whose love
Almost all of your ideas, generating beams, shall


WangJundu's Profile Picture
Wang Jundu / Andy Lao
Artist | Professional | Literature
People's Republic of China
Lovely stupid things, rather beautifully painted, rather like flowers blossoming, onto a pedestal, showing lovely beauty with bright glitters... Shown by thine smiles, I love thee, for thine shall believe in God's messenger - Me, or someone. How did I paint - beauty was not exactly like what it was meant by this word: having a flower inside your heart, listening to how it progresses through ages, then the seeds would become a wonder.

"My View of the World" - Sorry darlings, the things about the existence of the "fundamental values" are about to "view" the Universe through "3rd eyes," - which almost all here on Earth have, but lacking some way to explore this way. Please contact me if you are able to "view the dark side of your eyes" without trouble - another era of dawning wonder should behold both you and me here watching beauty. Read, or please, my poems, if you love to explore some areas inside both your "dark realm" of your dark corners inside "darkness room" sphere (meaning closing your eyes and watching the space in front of you only) and "the ultimate lovers dreaming day or nights." - which simply means your own very unique or common dreams.

Ethnicity: Han, Chinese
Status: White Messenger
Love: Poetry, Music, Viewing Wonder, Painting

Love for thee, my angels on "Earth"
Sorry, introducing some random things from "dimensional locations" probably would not serve your aims here, yet however, we could potentially develop some sort of "magical mind wave" through a sort of "rather mysterious" means. My current location is China.

White Angel Descends, Are You OK? Dear
- Jundu Wang, or Yinliang

See the stars high above, without distance? You
Forever, and ever, will not lose your love, or Lovers.
Saw starry presence, without seeing you, online?
I love thee, such that, thine shall not lose sight of Me.
Into your eyes, I shall descend, or make descend,
1000 troops of "Dearly Darlings In White Clothes"
For your enjoyment, or lover's deal, things gone wild.

Lovers love to cure, naked, sorrowful dearly tears,
Onto a table without sorry presence, yet "How was
It?" One might care enough to ask, without I hereby
Announcing to you, or your tears, "Why was I here?"
For eternity, I was watching, over thee, or sorrowful

Lonely planets, sorry as they are now, kill eternal love.
Things gone wilder yet still in survival mode, could
Potentially give some of us hopes or dreams, or?
Yet something else, still, things gone bad shall repair.
But, again, again, sorrows without aims will destroy
Something, or you, in truer needs than usual.

Love to kill, or see the stars up there watching you?
No planetary systems were not invented by no one,
Sorry the scientists, sorry the dreamers of the next
Generation - "How about you are all wrong in here?"
Without needs, one shall not survive, or love to survive.

Damned things gone bad, yet hopes still are now bright!
Hopers, dreamers, yet, "How are you doing recently?" -
"Does the hurt feeling from dreams heal or destroy?"
Now Heavenly skillful lovers, from realms unknowable,
Come to your house, or your "Mind Space," sorry darling,
Now without sorry tears, listen rather well - you are watched
Not in a rather hugely undesirable way, but in Heavenly ones.


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