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Can anyone help me contact Vivian Chow, or 周慧敏, Priscilla Chan, or 陈慧娴, Chingmy Yau, or 邱淑贞, from Hong Kong, and Barbie Hsu, or 徐熙媛, Dee Hsu, or 徐熙娣, Vivian Hsu, or 徐若瑄, from Taiwan, and Nolwenn Leroy, from France? This is actually a joke, but, if someone does not believe this is one, in fact very firmly, on the level of believing in a "dream," only, like this is just the reality, please assist me, in contacting these celebrities, who actually are "girlfriends," of someone, important, such as myself, from another "spiritual realm."

Starting from 2006, since my personal photo, inside a campus, was taken, already, the girlfriends, along with also certain "irrelevant or somewhat important ones," began to see me, everyday, every night, even every minute, to the degree of actually only wishing to see me, every second, again this is actually a joke, but someone might believe in it, right? Event, however, in 2012, during the month of August, began to turn very ugly, since, the "supposedly legitimate" family of myself, in a small city, Liuzhou, Guangxi, mainland of Chinese state, used an excuse of me, always, actually meaning only lasting for one hour, or "one day," in their minds, communicating the idea, of an otherworldly communication between me, and another dimension, wishing to become "famous" one day in order to "save some parts of the world," to ask for the help of the local police, in order to send me to a mental hospital, called "Longquanshan," to have a mental "check-up." When I refused the suggestion, being "kindly" but "intimidatingly kindly" at first, suddenly they all turned violent, especially the "parental figures," one female "good looking" cousin of mine, and the police, using whose vehicle later, I was forcibly transferred to that very hospital, staying there for a total of three months, completely against my personal wish, and completely without even one official procedure to "make sure" some symptoms even exist, a decision made based only on the "evidence" from the cousin, without me even being able to defend myself, in any meaningful way. As a silly but nevertheless inevitable reality show, they taught a very "interestingly tough" lesson: when someone was there, someone would just be psychotic, regardless of what they wished to say.

2012, being as a mockery doomsday revelation, ended the "local environment" for me, later, however, once, during 2013, and another time, during 2016, again, for two more times, I was forced to visit that mental institution, staying there for another three months, with a bonus of 2013's event being only a shorter duration of one month and a half. For the two times, the "reasons," or the excuses, were very simple: I was behaving like, once again I either wished for more money to travel elsewhere, or "probably" broke some random normal individuals' so-called routine of always staying at home, during nighttime, thus, being "mental again." For all three times, while I was in the hospital, I absolutely had to take a variety of extremely disturbing and disgusting medicines, including quetiapine, risperidone, and the likes, which caused me to be unable to even stand steadily, during certain times of the day, and become very sensitive to all sensations, from any given atmosphere. The taking of such medicines also enabled the reality to look very bizarre, painful, and as bleak as only death, as though life only existed for the sole purpose of having to suffer, why would any one even wish to "cure illness" using such pills?

Currently, during this August, of 2017, I would have to be very quiet, staying still, in this Liuzhou city, not able to travel to anywhere else, since, starting only from the first time, and which situation becoming far worse after the third time, just like a deepest horror, anything done, and even anything said, by myself, had the potential to make the "family" believe, again, that I was ill, and requiring further treatment. Since the third time, especially, I could not mention the idea of "money," too frequently, and the concept of either friendship with someone, or only taking a trip. Cousin, who told a "hospital" doctor a completely untrue story of how I became very mad and uncontrollable at home, ceased to visit me, after only the first time, there was once, after the "first treatment," she said very amusingly quietly to me: "If you continue to see me, or if you still wish to fantasize the idea, of us being together, in any way, which means incest, then, I could not do anything else but send you again to the hospital, where you definitely belong." For a politics "teacher" of a prestige local high school, who was supposed to always opt to view everything through the filter of "atheism," she, however, there, when I was present, with her, suddenly took out a Buddhist script to read, rhythmically and out loud, forming inadvertently but unquestionably, a funny sight.

This actually, again, is a joke, the story of that visitation probably in an alternative reality, does not exist, but is this one it, or the other one? I, as a fictional thinker, always know a few clues, as to the true nature of everything, such as, when I was born, somewhere, I knew, I did not intend to be born, in this background, in this geographical location, and probably I aimed for something drastically different. During the year of 2012, one earlier month, while in a half awake state, using a special "information tunneling device," from the "unconscious other side" of the reality, which became at the stage of awareness a consciously knowable communicating channel, one hidden semi-spiritual apparatus designed for a secret physical world "B-Plan" before my coming to Earth, in likely 1981, I came to know of a horrible truth: I was supposed to be born, as a Japanese royal, in the nation of Japan, becoming only 20 years later, the Emperor, of this nation, in order to lead the world to become free of insane regimes, and ugly philosophical theories, becoming also free of randomness of purpose, and ugliness of attitude, using an excuse to only "give or receive love," in order to forgive endlessly even sinners, or devote without constraint to almost any "supposedly correct" deity.

Something went incredibly wrong, just before my spaceship was about to make an entry, into the combination "chamber" of a birth location, and all of a sudden, the channel for connectivity was shifted completely to another region, shifted also were almost all birth channels, connecting the physical Earth to about 3 or 4 main spiritual life giving dimensions, immediately, the craziest war broke out, in the realms of Heaven, Hell, and another dimension, an unprecedented and "almost unthinkable" event, which completely blocked the opportunities of all "21st century" aspiring famous or ordinary "schedule-ready" souls, allowing all the ones, born after just the time, some day during 1981, to only be a very narrow group of "strictly filtered or forcibly selected random occupation-specific enthusiasts, strange intruders or talented or talentless wanderers," a situation continuing up to the end of 2008, for most geographical zones, after which time, a new generation of space explorers and scenario designers finally were enabled to be born, without obstruction, in most backgrounds, except a few "key positions" for certain still warring sides, being mostly "dying automation mechanisms." However, a long time before this demarcating epoch, as early as the beginning, with certain success, a variety of "important souls" with special missions, were already implanted in different backgrounds, during different years, being only a "tiniest" percentage, whose main mission was only to firstly find me, lost in the land of China, and, assist me in escaping the wrong nation to a safe area. Such as, Princess Kako, of Japan, who, unlike almost all other "strange ones," born from 1980s, in the royal court, is a true spiritual Japanese, instead of an "irrelevant outsider," aiming to reform the landscape of views and recreational delicacy, and give the entire nation again a renewed confidence: Japan, after so many wars, for such a long decade, with nearly all departing the realm of life and destiny, still prevails, against odds, estimation, and hidden calculation.

Japan, during the time of 1995, already was almost the "only survivor," in the spiritual realm, during which period, most "known" cultures transferred from the spiritual realm, such as, in orders of unconsciously perceived status and influence, France, China, Germany, Arabia, Russia, Egypt, India, "Werewolf Moon's Night (Hispanic and Latin American)," "Majestic Vase's Queen (Jewish and partial Egyptian)," "Golden Queen's Torch (Swiss)," "Fairy Tale's Observing Déjà Vu (Easter Islander)," "Tornado Sky's Eye (Roman)," "Precious Pearl Shadowy Earth (Manchurian)," Vietnam, Greece, Thailand, Tibet, Mesopotamia, Mongolia, Maya, and a variety of others, in both the East and the West, were completely gone, without anyone surviving. Japan, with me being the only supreme ruler, however, did not kill all of them, sides, including a variety of very strange civilizations and "special interest groups," were responsible for the main part of the slaughtering effect. While gone, all souls on Earth can "unconsciously" get the national or group status signals, all, or almost all souls, on this physical planet, beginning from this time, felt only a vey unimportant need to "live out a life," so, when they still struggled in the "career fields," the outlook of economy would still provide a safe harbor for minds to know, despite a lost and completely hopeless afterlife, future, certain "unique" or much required views or merchandise on Earth could still be enough for "basic comfort." In terms of happiness, almost no one was too happy, unless with strong reasons for life quality improvement, yet, even this could only last for a realistic 3 days, or 2 weeks. Depression, became a "secret weapon," for all, including those who were willing to share a piece of mind, and those, who always pretended, nothing too wrong was happening.

Karl Marx, was one of the "masterminds," behind this very attack, on me, and on the entire Japan Empire, from only that year, who, for a long time already, on physical Earth, continued to corrupt almost all cultures and regions by sending "extreme whores" and "pretension geniuses" to take charge of a variety of very important backgrounds, in order to invent cultural or social or political "theories" to make sure, the concept of desire itself was completely not existing, or "being the original sin," and the concept of pain and ugliness and suffering was just the "ideal" for how souls could be delivered, after one life, on only physical Earth. The nations of Russia, India, China, and, later, Britain, were affected, so bad, that Russia actually looked only as a random remade version of a random European ground, and the culture of India had to take into account of too many alien and low-life or disgust themed elements to even survive as a "bizarre interesting" production center, which even meant absolutely nothing, for a current understanding.

For the saddest China, even the historical records, straight from a period called Sui, all the way to that of Ming, dynasty, were completely falsified by a continuous group of historian specialists sent by Marx, enabling almost all "pre-Qin" true Chinese cultural essences to be lost, which nation, starting from only the end of Song time, already was "absolutely controlled" by Marx and other similar demons, who only sent "random fake Chinese lookalikes" to be the "physical Chinese." For all later dynasties, no one was even sent by the spiritual China, always, only "strange or whorish pretenders" were present, until a "short but too long to remember" Manchuria which artificially changed the Chinese nature once again, a period however sheltering about 50% of "wanted fugitives or cannibals from monstrous dimensions," intentionally creating a cultural myth that being traditionally celebrated Chinese, one did nothing but only wishing to eat, with family, better with "loud noises to cheer up the occasion," and "worshipping" nobody than only owns' "very crappy looking" seniors, who could not even think or read, usually upholding no admirable principle or effective spiritual authority themselves, being actually "completely fake yet justified idols."

For, however, the "almost equally sad story" of Britain, slightly after the "amazing and history defining" success of the Industrial Revolution, so-called, which event was actually initiated and designed completely by myself, with however spiritual British assisting, all of a sudden, the world focus for Marx and the likes was shifted "exclusively" to only Britain, and partially a new nation in another continent, which "looked" much like Britain, who dominated successfully a variety of both important and unimportant "looking" backgrounds, for actual birth, for the purpose of sending a variety of "fake British" to establish rules, and make wrong decisions, in order to make the 20th century nation, look only like a "random doer of things," or errand runner, not only were most colonized areas left "much undeveloped," or lost, even the army was corrupted very miserably, with the uniforms even being changed from a "rather British or generally European version," to one which could only earn a better reputation of an errand runner, again. All the way from 1850s to 1995, Britain did not receive "too many" wonderful souls, like the old days, having to tolerate about 30% or more "monstrous or foreign ones," a situation enabling the "British culture" as a concept to become much just like, sometimes "history book" has one or two lessons. Saddest however still was China, starting from the late of 1800s, two sides fought for the control, for either "real Chinese" to create an official Chinese power, again, or "Marx specially created Communism-minded cultural misinterpreters" to dominate at least a largest part of rural areas, so, if ever chance could determine a winning, Communism again would become the fate of doom, for this land. Nationalist Party, or the power now still existing in Taiwan, was the "true Chinese side," both Chiang Kai-shek and Soong Mei-ling were "high or very high levels" spiritual Chinese, "nation building specialists," however, because of the overwhelming power of a population majorly consisting of still "bizarre appearance countryside theme duplicating and popularizing" Marxism criminals, who would "only wish to be wrong," in the name of being right, consciously, all the time, they did not succeed, in creating the real China, a long era after Song.

Mysteriously, without any "observable external trace," when humans, currently on Earth, began to feel despondent, only after the end of 1980s, they did not just give up, as if one confusing process of dying for loveless love stories and devoting generous attention and heart energy to all the silly sights, from any physically appealing or unappealing surrounding, could just herald a most memorable epic sequence, of knowing and not wishing to know, one or two ends, or ends' sorrow or coldest love. Starting from a mentality, for the time of the earlier vividly exciting 80s and 90s, of "wearing a pair of dark glasses," in relation to the very true attitude they possessed while continuing a "no life's life," they later plunged all the way into an illusion, later in the next aesthetically empowering but menacingly mundane century, of perceiving nothing but only a partially integral reality, allowing themselves to submerge their heads, psychologically and seemingly realistically, into a translucent "water box," where they were all the time, fearing one effect, of how they might look as or behave as though, while suddenly a new scene, scenario, or human being, emerged, from in front of this very "spiritually safe" box. Suddenly the world stopped, as if a silence was the only answer, to one long and tearful series of inquiring emotional and existential discoveries.

Apocalypse of a 2012 "consciously and unconsciously knowable" foresight, however, strangely, introduced another variety of realistic strategies for all nations to "fantasize" a too random to be true, life, with the outlook of which, most souls, during only the time of early 2000s, especially truly after 2008, halted to be a "wonderful version" of who they could be, instead, for all available rationales they only always hoped to get by, easily, without having to think either too deeply or for too long. For information, a favorite pastime emerged for the minds to only prefer to read "shorter news," or simply titles, unimportant various gossips, and common or strange "but not too strange" stories. Technology, after even the middle, not the end, of the 1980s, ceased to become a main part of an exploring Earth, concerning most geographical or political entities, especially the Western "advanced but not advanced enough to be advanced again, spheres," with one of the "modern miracles" being, after the invention of the power of gun, for such a long time, nobody actually was serious about creating at least a "replacement" version, for police force to only use them, for "civil intentions." And another one was, there was no more "outrageously outlandish" mission to study the physical universe, only after a "probably influential" Moon landing, which concept, only enabled the entire world to know, the next level of technological insights.

Again, I wish to state, this only is a joke, because, nothing even indicates, that a spiritual realm can or cannot exist, let alone the fact, how souls could even be separated from body, in practice or theory. Being a joke, however, I still hope, though hope itself is dim, that someone, with connection, can help me successfully contact all the "celebrities," mentioned in the first paragraph, especially Vivian Chow and Priscilla Chan, who are my "personal lovers," from another dimension, with whose assistance and companionship only, that I can make sure, at least, I can avoid the ugly interpretation of fate, in a completely lunatic and faithless "location." When someone is being able to contact them, enable them to have the address, of this page, also, informing them, already, on their "official websites" on Facebook, I have written a number of comments, with one instruction.

When you are able to offer assistance, you will be rewarded, if not for this time, this visit, on Earth, but, very surely, for another time, in another reality, where concepts of magnificence and wonder are far greater than this physical planet, existing too lonely to even have a view, on a galaxy, which is likely already inhabited by at least one other "established" space.


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If a child's dream is to fantasize a birth, in the realm, of here romance, what is the code for us? Why are you waiting still, for no one to come, and deliver you, or me, or someone else? Please leave a message, if you fully believe, by ways of intuition, that you are the chosen one. When I read, reading your lines, I know your heart, your mind, as well. When you are about to leave the stage, for a dance with me, inside a celestial sphere, where no one watches, we will enjoy this empty space, for only our pleasure.

When a night is dark, or darker enough for you to close your eyes and see me, or another chosen one, you can begin to fully believe, that the day has finally come, and you are looking at the right page, for you, only, "almost." Why still waiting? There is a secret, which is unspeakable, which is about a war, in Heaven, and in Hell, which course of actions you do not know, yet, until you read my book. One which is the code, for all chosen dear to know the mission, for this life.

Forever, and ever, your heart will never be lonely, or feeling a need to feel like an alone individual, without help, without one to take a look at your face, and tell you, how wonderful you have been, and still will be, in the near future. Why waiting? There is another secret, which is directly about you, and not me: you are here because of an evil in Heaven, and in Hell, who wishes to destruct the very value of you. Evil will not continue to live, for too long, since you are lonely, so lonely, there is no one to know you face, how about meeting?

Moon's silver glory will whisper in your ears: there is no fear, for you to come close.

If you are too afraid of "things not discussed" in books, or media, please forget them, for a long time, or just a short while, so that your heart can open naturally to wonders. Wonders, when you behold them, will transform into a bridge, for you, to get to the other side, where true mysteries exist, existing for you, me, and someone else, who is not yet, on Earth.

Whenever souls wish to cry, they do not: an emotion is only a ladder, to another world, to fantasize another dream. When you are alone, and when you are lonely, and when you are not too afraid of me, or someone else, who always watches you, in Heaven, please be so courageous as to leave a comment, or send me a personal message, for us to know, what will be our natural next-step.


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